Frequently Asked Questions

Just let us know via email to
We will provide you with a link that you can forward to your fellow "poolers". That tool will prompt for desired stop location, name, email etc. When we have everybodies information we will create a ride for your party or deviate a ride to come pick you up.
Yes, it is possible.
  • On the "New Reservation" page look for "Guest Reservation."
  • Enter the name of your guest. All other steps are the same as a regular reservation.
  • Points will come out of your account and your guest's reservation will be visible on "My Reservations" page.
  • Make sure to inform your guest the date/time/location/"Vehicle Number" (in case we have more than one vehicle picking up at the same time).
Yes. Our system works on a one person, one email, one account basis.

Your child will need to be able to receive an email from ZiiP and click on a link. Make sure that you have an accessible email account for your child before starting the process.

Note that when you create the child's account from within your own account they will be linked and you will be able to monitor activities, make/cancel reservations, and receive status messages about your child's ride.

ZiiP is required to verify that rider's name matches reservation name. A child cannot ride using a reservation made under a parent's name.
  • Double click on your child's name
  • Click on "New Reservation", follow on screen prompts
    • If you dont have enough credit; Click "Points/Passes." to make sure your child has a pass or points. (Displayed under "Credit Summary")
    • You may click on "Purchase Points" or "Purchase a Pass" to purchase Credits
Yes, it is possible.
  • One parent creates an account then creates a child account.
  • Child receives an email from ZiiP asking permission to Link to first parent. Clicks on link to confirm.
  • Second parent creates an account, signs in.
  • Second parent in her/his account clicks MORE > ADD CHILD > LINK EXISTING ACCOUNT
  • Enters email that the child verified.
  • Child receives an email from ZiiP asking permission to Link to second parent. Clicks on link to confirm.

Both parents may insert their Credit Cards, but only one of them can be "Primary". First parent may change "Primary" card at any time.

Multiple people (parents grandparents etc.) may link to multiple children.

Yes, there is. Start your first reservation and check “Multiple Consecutive Reservations” checkbox at the bottom. Click “Reserve.”
This will increment the date while keeping your destination and stop consistent.
Just keep clicking “Reserve” for each desired date/time.
Let's work on that.
Let us know where you are, your destination, and time by Requesting A Stop. We will introduce a stop in your area convenient for you and other riders in your neighborhood.
You can make a reservation up to 15 minutes before ride. Cancellation without penalty is possible up to 50 minutes before ride.
ZiiP is designed with family and safety in mind. Everybody can use ZiiP to get around town when needed.
Our drivers go through a thorough vetting and training process including background checks and drug testing. You can learn more about that at our safety page.
Our service vans comfortably and safely seat up to 14 passengers.
We have procedures in place to ensure safety when issues arise, including notifying children's parents. We enforce a strict code of conduct that each rider is expected to follow. At all times, children are required to remain seated and wear a seatbelt. No food or drink allowed. All belongings should stay with passenger. Exit and pathways must be kept clear. No on-demand stops are permitted. By law, driver must stop the van if behavior becomes uncontrollable.
That is the key to our service. Lower number of stops will make the ride smooth and efficient. We aim to reduce the number of stops to about 4. So, please Request A Stop at a major intersection. Ride stops change each time as they are determined by the number of passengers and stop locations.
Each ride is different. Ride time depends on number of passengers reserved and their stop locations. We constantly make adjustments to minimize the ride time. Arrival times listed on our website (schedules) indicate the "worst case scenario". Most of the time we arrive earlier then scheduled.
Yes, even “virtual passengers” are required to pay. We strive for high occupancy on each run. This reduces costs for us and helps keep the service affordable for you. Therefore, when a reserved seat is left empty, we need to charge for it. But, you can cancel a ride up to 50 minutes prior without penalty.
Please be ready before your selected "pick-up" time. As a courtesy to other riders, the driver will only wait one minute. If we have your telephone number on file, we will send a reminder text before the ride!
We operate under a strict Reservation and Guaranteed Seating system – no flag-downs or cash - allowing for the continued smooth and safe operation of our service. You can reserve “on the fly” (within 15 minutes of your pick up), but you cannot board without an advanced reservation.
Riders can bring any kind of equipment that fits in their designated area, like a backpack. There is also limited cargo space in the back of the vehicle for larger objects. Lacrosse stick? No problem. A tuba? You should probably call us...
Sorry, but we cannot accommodate stop requests anywhere except the agreed-upon pick-up and drop-off locations. ZiiP is not a Taxi service. We operate under a strict reservation schedule and are under contract to pick up and drop off all riders on time. is the authorized screening program of caregivers in the state with access to fingerprint records from the California Department of Justice and the FBI.
We do not have the ability to make changes in your account but feel free to contact us via chat or phone we'll be happy to walk you through.
Our scheduling procedures prohibit our drivers from making detours to deliver your belongings. Call us and let us know what you lost. If we find it, we'll hold it for you at our office.
If you are the parent or legal guardian, only you (and anyone else your child allows access to our app) will ever have access to your child's account. Multiple accounts (like mother and father's accounts) may both be linked to the same child account.
Sorry, but our service is rooted on a “Prior Proper Planning...” model. That applies to us and our clients. This cooperative relationship helps us continue providing quality service to everyone. Be responsible and we will help in any way we can. We allow reservations up to 15 minutes prior to rides.
Our monitoring software tells us if and when we actually arrived to pick up our passengers, and we have the means of showing definitively that we were there.
Please keep in mind that we can only wait for one minute at the pick-up location. We are sending reminder texts but it is easy to miss our arrival. Please stay alert.
All reservations must be made and changed from within our mobile app. We do not have access to your account in-office.
We offer points (as low as 25 points for $25) as well as passes (weekly/monthly/yearly).
We offer weekly, monthly and yearly passes that expire at predetermined times. If you purchased points they never expire. If you made a mistake, please email us (
Send us an email ( and describe the issue. We will issue a refund for any erroneous purchases and make sure you get the passes or services you need.
Sure. You can attach multiple cards to your account and pay with whichever one you wish at the time.

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